My work explores the connection between the figurative and the abstract, and the objectivity and the subjectivity.

Pencils and brushes have been my favorite toys since I was a little girl.

I started learning and practicing art since childhood, transforming my game into my passion and into my vocation, which then resulted in numerous youth drawing and painting awards. I then decided to dedicate my life to art and become a professional painter. 

"In her most recent work, De Jaume abandons that previous, almost obsessive need to transfer perceptive reality to painting. The artist leaves aside the material world and immerses herself in an inner personal universe, a place where expression and subjectivity gain ground over logic, immediacy and instinct, over reason."

My work

My work wishes to show, from the depths, something unknown to us, which allows us to forget for a moment the reality which imprisons us. When I create I imagine atmospheres, places where my characters live. I dive into abstraction  as a way of myself shouting rebellion, struggle and strength into the void. 

“The portraits of Sandra De Jaume wake up the emotions of the lethargic viewer that through the senses is led to a poetic and even oneiric world. A reality so rarefied as captivating is presented as the materialization of a world that seduces for its rareness and undeniable beauty.”
Ana Ferrero Horrach
Ciceró DArt. Investigación, gestión y comunicación cultural

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