Coming soon: Allegory Collection

Allegory: a polyhedral and panoramic vision of enigmatic and poignant scenes that, feeding on the tradition, aim the present and the future, while delving into the timeless depths of the human soul.

If in her previous collections the Majorcan artist inquired in magical realism avoiding specific historical references, the present collection multiplies its creative power through a double movement: on the one hand, to the depth, turning myths and classic characters into roots that drink from the wells of classical iconography; and on the other hand, upwards and to the distance: re-creating, modernizing, and projecting these myths through innovative images that generate multiple senses.

Quantum Connection: A trip to the interior from the outside

Quantum Connection is a wide set of acrylic works with a common denominator. On the one hand, the nuanced abstract language of the backgrounds, and on the other, the precise and expressive realism of the figures that act on that background, forming an organic whole.

Add Infinitum

Playing with art