Aurora Picornell

Aurora Picornell, favorite daughter of Mallorca.
This portrait is located in the plenary hall of the Consell, Mallorca.

Picornell was a woman noted for her writing, for her political and trade union activism, for her defense of feminism and for her political participation in the 1930s.
I dedicate this painting to all women who have fought and still fight for women’s rights.



Dr. Maria Barceló i Crespí has been proclaimed the first woman Illustrious Daughter of the Villa de Porreres and alive. The full auditorium, has been a sign of the consideration of this appointment both by the University, with the presence of Mr. Rector of the UIB and many professors, students and colleagues, and by the Consistory and representation of the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Consell de Mallorca.

I made the portrait of Dr. Maria Barceló and I was thrilled to see it, along with all the tribute that was dedicated to her in this institutional act, last August 16, 2022.